That first day, Yunior wasn’t taking it well, nor Ma. He was lying around, skinny as hell, fevers burning wholes in his head. He was pampered, Ma bought fresh meat, fresh veg, fresh clothes, but neither Yunior nor Ma knew what the fuck to do. He needs a doctor, Yunior said Well we cant afford […]

The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian is about a boy called Junior who goes through a few problems. Junior was living in Welpinnit and had a good friend named Rowdy, but he got bullied and he decided he did not belong in the community at Welpinnit so he leaves every day to […]

What I found most interesting thing in the book is that Junior isn’t accepted in neither Reardan nor Wellpinit. It interests me that he left his birthplace to explore the open world buy he isn’t accepted there even though he made a small group of friends in Reardan he wasn’t accepted by the community. However, […]

In this chapter Junior’s sister dies in a fire. And his dad picks him up from school after he runs from the teacher and he can’t stop laughing because he thought his dad had died as well on the icy roads. They have a wake where all of his cousin’s get drunk to honor a […]

Yes, but it is also about realising what white people have and what native Americans have, and that white people are so much better off with everything they need but native Americans struggle with simply getting to the next day. I knew that none of them was going to college. Not one of them. All […]

In this chapter junior and his team play against wellpinnit and junior is interviewed by a sports guy. He reveals his feelings about the game and goes into it happy. Junior guards rowdy and mocks him do demoralize him. They win the game because of this, but Junior realises that Reardan gets everything and wellpinnit […]

Wake is when people, after a funeral, celebrate the life of the dead. 1* I think Junior meant that Ted collecting their things is showcasing their lives to the rest of the public by saying ” Indians feel like insects pinned to a display board.” 2* It’s ironic that the old man got the origin […]

The last chapter we read was about Junior playing a basketball game. Yes, but it was also about Junior’s choice as an individual to go to Reardan and how it affected the communities opinion towards him. The chapter after that is ‘Red Versus White’. It is about Junior’s grandmother and that she is tolerant toward […]

‘Life is a constant struggle between being an individual and a member of the community’ This is showed by When all the crowd went quiet they showed their regection towards him, When they crowd were taunting him, When they turned their backs on Junior, When he started to bleed because of a quarter.

“Well, life is a constant struggle between being an individual and being a member of the community.” Constant- continuous Struggle- problem Between- in the middle Individual- by yourself Member- a part of something Community- with a group I think this quote means that a big problem in life is coming from a group of people […]